Wednesday, January 23, 2019

State Officials Turn to Crowdsourcing for Stone Wall Mapping Effort (NH)

  JAN 21, 2019
"The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services has launched a new online crowdsourcing project with the goal of mapping every stone wall in the state...LiDAR reveals hills, rivers, ravines, and, as it turns out, stone walls. But there are more stone walls revealed in the LiDAR scans of New Hampshire than any one researcher or historian could hope to map. So DES is inviting you to help record the locations of the state's stone walls by looking through the online map for the telltale straight lines that cut across the otherwise curvy landscape..."
The LiDar for New Hampshire is available online
with the NH Stone Wall Mapper:

 I had to update this post from last year:

"Two houses being built there, but most of the stone works seem to be surviving!" Anna tells me...

NH Stone Wall Mapping Group 


pwax said...

I think such a survey will miss a significant percentage of walls that are hard to see even when standing next to them. Maybe 20%? So much is buried in recent soil.

But I am eager to see the survey results anyway.

Norman said...

There is a short section of curved wall that engages a split boulder along Rt. 16 in Ossipee, NH that is not recorded on the LiDAR map. Obviously a lot more walls of this sort will be omitted. Are curved walls simply not recorded?