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(The Little People) of Mohegan Hill, Uncasville
May, 2017 by Ray Bendici - Filed Under: Legends, Odd Things, Weird Places

"Described by some as knee-high tall, the Makiawisug wear moccasin flowers for shoes... They are believed to have the power of invisibility, and have been reported to carve symbols into stone. In addition, they supposedly create stone piles, which are used to help protect the Mohegan. In 2012, a development in the area was interrupted by tribal members wanting to preserve such piles, described as "being made of the bones of Mother Earth" and containing messages that "guide generation after generation of Mohegan people."  

Makiawisug: The Gift of the Little People Hardcover – December 1, 1997
by Melissa Jayne Fawcett (Author), Joseph Bruchac (Author), David Wagner (Illustrator)  

 "Suddenly, the storm seemed to stop as they began to descend into the ground. They were in the realm of the Little People. Weegun led her to a beehive shaped chamber of rocks..."

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pwax said...

Seems like "little people" is a near universal. Nice to see acknowledgement of rock piles by the Mohawk. I get the impression the story tells that the piles were there *before* the Mohawk (who are recent migrants to the Great Lakes area).