Monday, November 25, 2019

More 'arrowheads' from North Kingston, RI

Reader Joshua H. writes:
I recently found what I believe to be an argillite guilford round base, quartzite point, three unusual argillite points with two that are very similar to the points described in the thread on, "narragansett bay argillite spear point tips" and the other is tri-faced and most likely untyped...also a rhyolite adena blade, quartzite blade and (please don't laugh) a crowfield point made out of slate!!  I know it sounds crazy but it has all the characteristics of the shape.  I hope to get all my finds authenticated in the future.

Here is a photo of the "crowfield":


pwax said...

Some pretty finds, though I do not think the last point is very reliable, since it seems made from a softer material.


It looks to me like it's made of biotite schist, and I think it's a natural stone, unworked.

Joshua Hutchins said...