Friday, August 19, 2022

Last time in Tiverton (for now)

Having struck out at Wildcat Hill, I thought I would go back to the Pocasett Highlands nearby. It was even worse there - blueberries and empty swamps. Lots of rocks and.. nothing. Kinda strange.

Rather than throwing good hours after bad, I cut my losses after an hour, got back to the car, and drove back over to the Longplex area (per previous) because I thought I missed some of the area. At first I went down through the woods following the same path as before. Before coming to the place where I saw the mound(s) earlier, I noticed another one; very much hidden in the bushes, maybe fifty yards from the previous find.

Here is a rearview:
As I commented, there is internal structure if you look at it for a while.

It was interesting that this mound was built against a large split rock. It reminded me of two other "gap" related structures I noticed here the first time: the mound next to the wall (here) and this wall end (here).


Chris Pittman said...

There is lots to find in Tiverton besides rock piles, as you know.

pwax said...

I may have forgotten