Monday, January 30, 2006

Curious small chambers and other structures. More from Norman Muller

According to Norman:

I and a friend photographed tiny chambers in a boulder field, a circle petroglyph on a boulder, and a large platform cairn....There are four small chambers at the site, none of them large enough for a human, and I doubt they were animal cubbies or whatever they're called. Since the boulder field is laced with underground springs (one can hear water running in many places), perhaps as I said before these are shrines of some sort. Obviously they have no practical value, as viewed from a strictly utilitarian point of view, and given their location. The owner says that his grandfather and the person before him knew of the chambers but said they were always there. We are talking about the 1880s.

Also attached is an image of a possible petroform on a ledge, surrounded by moss and lichen, and undisturbed for ages, judging by the lichen buildup and the soil around the stones. This feature is near the platform cairn, and in a beautiful area of cedar trees and luxurient reindeer moss... These are on private property.


pwax said...

I have seen these small chambers in photographs from another friend in RI. They look like little houses for whatever lives below ground here. It is a small creature - maybe a "Puckwudgy" [don't know how to spell the name of the local Indian leprechauns].

Anonymous said...

I found something similar in Freetown, MA. It's in a field of over 40 stone mounds.
A picture of it can be found here.