Monday, January 16, 2006

That's not a stone wall

This elongated group of stones is not a stone wall. It runs for about 30 feet - rising out of the ground as a dirt ridge on the left, changing to exposed rocks for a while and ending with a gap and a separate rock pile on the right. From left to right it seems to zig-zag. Off to the far right behind the trees is a large pile shaped a bit like a turtle - with a high domed back and a large "head" rock on one end. Here are some pictures of the "turtle pile".

These are along Heath Hen Meadow Brook in Stow and I found them a few weeks ago. It is a small well contained site, a good candidate for study with only about 5 rock piles, a couple of rock-on-rocks, a stone wall anomaly, and these two large effigy like piles.


Bruce said...


An interesting observation we made in seeing this site is it's close proximity to a large nearby field that has obviously been cleared of stone. It seems reasonable that there is a connection to the cleared field and this pile. Yet the pile shows evidence of masonry technique in it's large, stacked perimeter stones with smaller stones piled in the interior. I think there were also stone walls without any gaps or gates that separated the pile from the field, seeming to suggest the walls were made after the pile but this is just a speculative thought.


pwax said...

Actually the field is on the other side of the brook.