Saturday, January 28, 2006

From the Journals

A rock pile from Acton

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Anonymous said...

I followed a link from universal hub and find your site very interesting. we are avid geocachers and spend tons of time out in the woods all over MA/NH/ME. Many of the sites we come to have very interesting rock formations, which until finding your site I'd honestly thought were just naturally ocurring or were remnants of settlers in the area. One of these places is Dogtown in Gloucester/Rockport. Oftentimes, a dilligent cache hider will add a thorough history of the area where the cache is hidden, and it's never been mentioned that the sites may have further significance outside of natural geological placement.

I'll keep a more open mind as we traverse the woods.

I am going to mark your site and keep visiting. nicely chronicled history here. Thank you for the endeavor.