Sunday, January 22, 2006

Skywatching sites on the hilltops

There are three adjacent hilltops out at the western border of Middlesex County - each with rock piles that hint at a function which involved watching events in the sky. The piles and their placement have directionality and alignment. I do not know why it took so long for me to spot, plan access to, and arrive at, this hilltop today but it is just like its adjacent neighboring hills: skywatching related rock piles - piles with directionality and a fine view out over the valley. All three hills have sites facing south and west, and very little on any other portion of their summits.
Today the piles defined their directionality by being elongated. Most of them had their major axis pointing east-west. One was more north-south. At the other two summits nearby: one has piles that each support a pointer rock (like the crossed pairs below but more substantially constructed).
Another hilltop neighbor has piles which are evenly spaced and placed in straight lines. I believe today's elongated piles might have once supported pointer rocks. But they have been broken down to mere stubs of what they once were.

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