Friday, January 25, 2008

Beal's Pond State Forest, NY

by theseventhgeneration

I managed to get out today for a quick hike in a new area. I only found one stone pile, but it's a really nice one.

This is the view as I approached it from just off the Finger Lakes Trail:

Walking to the right and looking back up the hill, another view:

And this is the view from the left side. The largest rock is red and this picture shows the color:

But this was what I was most impressed with about this rock pile. It had something like a niche at the base that was so well covered by the large rock on top, it barely had any forest debris in it. Yet, it was easy to see inside. Here is a close up with my half meter stick inside:


pwax said...

I wonder if this pile is all by itself or if more will show up after the snow? If it is isolated maybe it is visible from somewhere nearby.

theseventhgeneration said...

There were several boulders nearby, and none had any rocks on them that I could see, but there may have been some hiding under the snow. Also, the trail to this site was through a pine plantation, about 10 years old. Nothing was visible under or through the pines. I'm planning on going farther up the trail this weekend, so hopefully I'll find something up the hill.