Saturday, January 26, 2008

Nispachuck Hill

Has anyone been here? How about that area in the red circle?
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And while you are at it, could you also check out this, or is this the same as the Rankin Estate?:
"Another proposed site for the mystery swamp fight is the area around Bowdish Reservoir in West Glocester. As in the case of The Blunders, there are mounds of rocks that local tradition says are Indian graves (almost definitely not graves but in fact piles of stones created as farmers cleared land for pasture or cultivation). " [Click here for original]


Anonymous said...

Interesting link! Also a lengthy reply from Jim P. about the Indian's use of stone.


JimP said...

Bowdish Reservoir is not near Nipsachuck or Rankin Estates. I've been there, and there are rock piles.