Monday, January 28, 2008

More from Beal's Pond State Forest, NY

by theseventhgeneration

Farther up the hill from the single rock pile (from my last post), there was more. A nice line of cairns running up hill.

This is the first cairn:

There were a few spots in the line where cairns probably once stood, now rock piles. But toward the top of the hill, there were some very nice cairns in a row, heading SSE:

This is looking back down the hill, along the line of cairns. If you click on the picture to enlarge it, you can get a close up of the third cairn in this line. It has a nice niche:

Here is a closer view of that cairn, with the half meter stick inside the niche:

I was really excited when I looked back down the line of cairns again, to the NNW, and saw yet another nice niche in a cairn that I thought was destroyed.

Here is a close up of that cairn:

But, there's more. Near the top of the hill, by the larger cairns, was a boulder and more. Here's one picture:

The rest of the pictures will be in my next post.


Anonymous said...

nice! You are having good luck in the snow.

theseventhgeneration said...

I was glad to find so much stone work above the snow. The forecast for the week is good. Highs above freezing, not much snow, and maybe some rain.