Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Old stone walls and new structures - more Callahan State Forest

As I was returning from my walk, Sunday before last, I found an old wall that looked like a "short stretch", tracing diagonally up the hillside.It looked like there was some kind of rock pile off there to the right. On closer inspection I could see a funny pile built between two trees.It seems clear that this was built after the trees grew, in the last ten years or so. Also I supposed that the rocks were borrowed from a brief continuation of the prevous short stretch of old wall. The whole thing is tumbled down:
But isn't that a bit of a strange thing? Might there be any significance to the "V" in the pile, or is it just where one rock fell out of the structure. The notch frames the view in the direction down along the old wall. Looking at the slope, visible in the first and last pictures, there may be a few more things going on with the "natural" rocks.

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