Thursday, June 26, 2008

CHill part 2 - the upper site.

With reference to the site I started to describe [Click here]
The upper site had a double pile and a circle at the end of a stone wall. Here was my first look:
In the picture, the double pile is in the center, actually it is a pile connected to a larger fixed boulder. An auxilliary pile and another smaller fixed boulder are to the right. Beyond the double pile, to the left and at edge of the picture is the stone circle with the low stone wall not visible in the photo but back in there cutting diagonally across from upper left to lower right (following by coincidence the direction of light and shadow). The circle:This video gives a bit of the layout:

Most of my pictures came out poorly because of the high contrast between sunlight and shadow. It is worth looking at the detail photo of the large double pile:That is a nice piece of quartz, as a grace note. Other piles were in less good repair:

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