Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Small Breakout zone site, Stow MA

A little site near Stevens Hill in Stow:
Here in the woods there was a dug out hollow with a stone lined well at the bottom, draining off down into the wetland northward. Getting water from the side of a hill seems to be a common practice in the Stow area.Downhill from this well was a "breakout zone" where erosion exposes a tumble of underlying rocks. And here, rather typically for this type of setting, were a few minor rock piles, some rock-on-rocks, a split-wedged rock.Another little glimpse:
Nice light under the new leaves:
The few rock pile were pretty beat up.
North facing sites are not common but these types of features in a breakout zone are common. Here it appears the topography is more important than the direction of view.

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