Friday, June 06, 2008

Points and drills from Enfield CT, collection of Isaac Davis White

Sorry for the lousy picture, it was dark in my friend's parent's house, which he is cleaning out after their departure.

These are nice shapes although details are lost out in the picture. They are late paleo to Brewerton in shape bit I do not know these types of arrowheads.
Here is a better picture. I doubt these arrowheads are all from Connecticut, at least not the one to the right of the piece of bone. That looks more western. (Identifications are welcome in comments.)Another lousy picture but of an interesting arrowhead in the middle. These are called "bifurcated-base" and are supposed to be very early, just after the fluted points chronologically. I never saw one before and think of them as rare. Lower left is a fluted point of some kind. Very "paleo". I don't recognize any of these except the white quart point might be a "squibnockett triangle". What are these?Some drills:Some little knives: Some larger blades:All kinds of "small stemmed small" points made from quartz:A nice Brewerton:Some other points that are square based or slightly fluted:I don't recognize the following, we do not have such things in Concord:Some beautiful little Hardaway-Daltons (in my opinion):There were also a variety of stemmed Merrimac points: Starks and Nevilles.

And then this, which is from probably from Concord, where my friend's grandfather collected, a gouge above and a "celt" or chisel below:


Anonymous said...

Hello Peter,

I just e-mailed via the address on the lithics pages, but it bounced back.

I'm interested in Concord/Eastern Mass points and tools and you mentioned you have a guide/poster that shows shapes, names, materials.

I'm interested in getting a source or two from you.



pwax said...

Note the email address is current.

What can I help you with?