Monday, June 02, 2008

All the Bear Photos Re-Post

I followed some of JimP's wise advice and you can enlarge these photos.
Thanks Jim!!


Anonymous said...


love nature

JimP said...

Looks good, Tim.

Historically, rock shelters, caves, caverns, clefts, holes, or huge splits in bedrock or outcroppings had a connection to the healing spirit Hobbamock or Cheepi of the Underworld. There are several primary source accounts from all over the Eastern Woodlands of ceremonies occurring at such places, and offerings either thrown or placed inside the hole/split/cleft/cave/shelter.

The accounts also talk of these places having connections to a serpent, which certainly makes sense as these places were once likely rattlesnake dens -- and also according to primary sources, the healing spirit most often appeared as a snake, and was most familiar to Pnieses, whose very emblem was the snake.

theseventhgeneration said...

Here's something I just found on Picasa Web. Click here for the link. At first I glance I was wondering why the rocks were under the overhang, instead of at the drip edge, but then I remembered your post! Thanks!!