Tuesday, September 30, 2008

In the woods in the rain - Harvard, Boxborough, Littleton

with lousy color fidelity and poor blurry pictures. I am not sure which town this is in. A split wedged rock on the right at the termination of a line of stones to the left.Here is a look down the line:Speaking of impractical stone walls, here is one I have shown before, a short stretch of wall only existing on a little rise of dirt projecting into the water.
A sense of alignment:
And a more dramatic example of the same, at least another suggestive alignment.I was cutting across the edge of a rock pile site I had been to before, so I only took a couple of pictures in passing. Some nice colors:
Here is an old friend from the road nearby. I think Mavor and Dix call this a "Harvard Chamber".
But this chamber may be on the Littleton and Boxborough line. For example, a few feet away is a boundary marker with a "B" suggesting "Boxborough".
Note the chunk of quartz in the wall behind it.

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Ji Hyang said...

that "impractical' stone wall is roughly the same height as this one at Wellesley, which also is a simple run towards water