Monday, September 01, 2008

Rockpile Ridge - a property with many boulders

A reader writes:

I found your blog quite by chance and really enjoy the photographs you have there. I think it's amusing how fascinated you are by these rocks, and think perhaps you should check out my blog... It is not about rock piles, Rock Pile Ridge is what we named our property. But if you like rock piles I'm sure you will find mine interesting.
Bear in mind that some of it was created by myself, where the gardens and steps are concerned. However, the large boulders (some as large as 10' tall x 18' wide or more) are put there by nature, and the placement of the gardens and steps was inspired by the huge unmovable rocks. I also have an estimated 40' tall boulder that is the mother of all the rocks on our property... we simply call her The Rock. The first picture I have attached shows her clearly poking out from behind a wall of her children. The second picture I have attached shows a row of large boulders that march like soldiers through the woods.[Anyone see anything in this photo? - PWAX]
The most incredible thing about our property is that this landscape only exists there. The property to the north of ours has a cliff and the odd large rock, and the one to the south has nothing significant on it. This pile of ours is unique and massive, and everyone who sees it is captivated. It was incredibly hard to find a flat spot to pitch a tent because of all the rocks everywhere! Enjoy the pictures, and if you see something you like you have my permission to use it on your blog. I have a public album at Picasa with more photos as well.

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pwax said...

Might some quarrying have happened here?