Thursday, September 11, 2008

A roadside rock pile site in Sterling, MA

I was driving along Elm Street from Leominster down into Sterling and saw a rock pile a few feet from the road under the pine saplings. It turned out to be kind of an interesting pile. A loose tumble of cobbles piled on a boulder. It does not look like much at first glance:The boulder is somewhat elongated left-right in this picture and, if you look at the left end, you can make out two lines of cobbles extending out to the left. Here is a view over the boulder from that end, between the two extended lines of cobbles. You see not only the two lines of rocks extending forward. And you can also see a white rock in the middle of the upside-down "V". This is enough symmetry for me to consider this to be an effigy. No idea what it might represent.

On top of the pile:
A beer bottle pointing towards the wetland, where there were a few more piles.I walked around the area between the road and a brook/wetland for about 1/2 hour spotting a few things here and there. There were a couple of things uphill on the other side of the road, like this other boulder pile:And there was also another pile right at the edge of a little wet spot that also seemed like an effigy. I made a little video about it:

I also found a 10x10 foot platform pile which I'll report separately.

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