Monday, October 27, 2008

Are these ceremonial? Some rock piles at the Hale Rerservation, Westwood MA

Went for a walk in the beautiful fall colors at a large conservation land down Rt 128 from here - the Hale Reservation in Westwood. But I did not see anything until we were leaving, when I thought I spotted something off to the side just before the trail to "Split Rock" and on the same side of the road as that trail. There were some rock piles in a gully next to the road but also some suspicious earth movement, ditching sorts of disturbances. I did not trust those first rock piles. But when I went in there and looked around I saw this one, slightly uphill, and it was much more covered with moss:I believe this is an effigy.

The trail to "Split Rock" goes in to the right of a stone wall. The "effigy" was on the far side of the wall. But continuing in along the trail you come, in a moment, to another rock pile next to a pine tree.
Is this ceremonial or were there practical activities going on here? Remains of boulder quarrying? I had already spent too long exploring earlier and had to go without giving this area on the way to "Split Rock" a thorough looking over. There were other traces in there and it would probably be worth exploring more but I am afraid it is a bit of a drive and, now, the prospect is too uncertain for a repeat visit. A pretty place.


Anonymous said...

did you see the rockshelter there? that alone is worth the visit. rich indian history there.

pwax said...

No, I am afraid not. But every place has rich Indian history and I was not clear why it is emphasized in the literature about the Hale Reservation.

Anonymous said...

We also have a few great felsite quaries where tools were made by Native Americans. There were a few homesteads on the Hale property in the 1700 and 1800's. At those locations there area all sorts of rock configurations. Enjoy the exporing and let us know if you have questions!

Hale Reservation