Monday, October 13, 2008

Far Golden Run - the lower site

I parked in Bolton and cut into the woods heading north. I saw a few tumbled boulders that might have been rock piles but mainly just zig-zagged back and forth between the brook to the east and the houses to the west, looking for rock piles. When I got to the northern extremity of this (inside the curve of the brook shown in the topo fragment) I saw a few traces of things: a large rock on rock, and another.Then just where the brook was pinched out from a higher swamp, just in the narrows before opening up into a lower swap, there was a rock piles or three. First we see the tumble of rocks where the brook comes down:

We climb up this a little higher and there are some piles. I thought I saw a pile-gap-pile arrangement.Here is another view from in there. The sound of gurgling water was never far. Other places in Bolton have the same sounds of water nearby. Another view:And we come right up against a rock outcrop, towering over this tumble of rocks in the brook. And we look up there and see this looking out over the rock piles:This boulder is shimmed into position.

We'll climb up there in a second. On the far side, beyond the boulder, are about twenty or so rock piles in lines.

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