Thursday, October 16, 2008

Henry's Hill - Framingham, MA

I believe this is Sudbury Valley Trustees land. I was off trail and then back on again as I approached a knoll and spot a rock pile (there are at least two in the picture):How can I describe this place? Here is a view of the knoll and, to the right of it, a vale between it and, still further to the right another hill.I saw rock piles on the knoll and went up to see, first some simple arrangements:Then a clearing with some rock piles in lines - rock piles with near vertical sides:All the piles were visible from a high point. A short stretch of wall led up to this highpoint from the west:Here is a view of it's upper end. Here is the top of the knoll with the upper end of the short stretch of wall the the rear left.And a view back down the wall, facing west:
And below this summit, all to one side of the line defined by this wall were rock piles. Not to either side of the wall just -is it- north of it. Some of them were still in nice shape:
You can go to a hundred places like this - woods with little undergrowth and trails between knolls with outcrops but never see rock piles. Look at this place with the early fall light:Here is a view to the north down into the vale between this knoll and the other larger part of the hill.I walked down that way because I thought I saw a pile on the other side. I found something I have not seen before:This pile is at the foot of an outcrop and it was the last of a sequence of rock piles, that looked like marker piles to me, evenly spaced in a curve going up the side of the outcrop. Here are the best pictures I could get of the overall collection.You get a sense of how these piles lie in this detail of the upper end of the line (left in the panoramas above):I like how the light falls along the lines of the piles. It is suggestive. These piles, almost in a line, are not forming a line of sight. Perhaps,instead, they are subdivisions of a horizon seen from near where I photo'd the overall outcrop?

Back down to take a last look at the knoll. With the nice piles there:Here is a picture of three pile, in an exact line:This was the second marker pile site of the weekend. Surprisingly similar to but in better shape than the outcrop site ("Far Golden Run") in Bolton from the day before.


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