Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Odd and Ends

I am not sure if I was tresspassing on Rattlesnake Hill in Berlin, MA but I can tell you that it is a quarried hill with not a lot to see. Coming in from Rt 62 on the south side of the hill, there were a couple of rock-on-rocks and one pile. The leaves were colorful.There is an interesting symmetry to this pile visible in the picture. Another view:Definately could be a creature.

What about the structure in this one:
So, I guess, there was something to see after all on Rattlesnake Hill. Fifty years ago this hill would have been more bare and, before that, it is easy to imagine it as a hill covered with loose broken rock on the surface - man made - left as debris from quarrying. There used to be occasional timber rattlesnakes on rocky hills like this. That is what we were told as children. Today this hill is a young forest.

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