Sunday, January 09, 2011

Certain peculiar earthworks near Andover, Massachusetts, Volumes 4-6 By Warren King Moorehead

by theseventhgeneration
"Certain peculiar earthworks near Andover, Massachusetts, Volumes 4-6", by Warren King Moorehead, is a 1908 bulletin. In addition to Bulletin V, this writing contains, in Bulletin IV, Part II on Fort Ancient in Ohio.

First, page 76 documents stones from Fort Ancient having been hauled away by farmers:
Second, page 152 contains the author's opinion on the effort it took to include stone in the construction of Fort Ancient.
Third, page 215 documents the early method of property boundary marking as blazing trees first, then erecting a stone wall.


Norman said...

Many thanks for bringing these early reports to our attention. I didn't know about stone being used as probable facing of earthworks at Fort Ancient.

theseventhgeneration said...

You're welcome! "Google books" seems to turn up a lot of hits for early accounts of stone work. When you bring up the Google search engine, there is a pop up after "more" in the upper left hand bar (click the down arrow). Select "Books", then enter terms like "stone heaps", "Indian tumuli" or "Indian barrows" and hits come out of the woodwork. I found this one by seaching "'kettle hole' archaeology".

Anonymous said...

The narrative concerning Fort Ancient was fascinating. dc.