Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tools Suggest Humans Left Africa Earlier Via Arabia (NPR)

by JimP
Cick here for the article.


pwax said...

I just read that headline too. I am constantly amazed at the simplistic view of the human past promoted by official archeologists. The idea that humans left Africa by a single "route" in a single migration - sort of like a Jews leaving Eygpt with Moses. Archeologists seem incapable of grasping anything but simplistic narratives. And don't get me started on the origins of modern man.

Tim MacSweeney said...

"If the scientific explanation is too hard to understand, make up a deceptively simple fable."
- Rev. Nocents' Toothbrush (corollary of Occam's Razor)

Norman said...

130,000 year old stone tools were found on the shores of Crete last year, and the people who made them certainly didn't swim to the island! Earlier and earlier dates are going to emerge as scientists examine more and more sites.

Anonymous said...

The whole "Out of Africa", evolutionary paradigm is crashing and burning right before us. Just my opinion. dc.