Monday, January 10, 2011

Standing Stones in PA

Norman Muller writes:
I found the following reference while searching
Google Books the other day: Henry Mercer, “An Exploration of Durham Cave, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, in 1893.” On page 155: “while at a point some distance up the river and close to the present Morgantown Road, Mr. Laubach remembers having seen from twelve to fifteen standing stones, the survivors of a group of about twenty-five formerly observed by Mr. Waters, all of which save one about 3 feet high, now remaining as a boundary mark by the Morgantown roadside and seen by him in 1893…

“The monoliths must have been carried to the spot by Indians since the rock in situ is limestone, and the Potsdam sandstone of which they consisted does not occur within two miles of the place.” (Publications of the University of Pennsylvania series in Philology Literature and Archaeology, Vol. VI, Researches upon the Antiquity of Man in the Delaware Valley and the Eastern United States, by Henry Mercer). Laubach saw the standing stones in 1855, and Waters saw them in 1853-55.

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Healing Waters Press said...

Check out The Columcille Megalith Park. There are lots of ancient standing stones in this wonderful man made park in the mountains of Pennsylvania's Poconos.