Friday, January 28, 2011

Mound works in Syria

Dave C writes: "Tim,
I ran across this complex of mound works in Syria while Google Earthing. Thought you might be interested."

I find it most interesting, looking down on another Ancient Sacred Landscape being covered over by the modern cultural landscape. I see no turtles, but as I widen the view, I see smudges that were also more mounds, more pieces of the picture brushed away, and wonder what was there where the houses are, much like I do in my own neighborhood...

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Anonymous said...


What astounds me the most is that if one just pokes around this part of Syria using Google Earth they will discover that the whole area is packed with ancient earthworks, very often serpent mounds, etc. Not dozens, not hundreds, but literally thousands of ancient mound structures, clearly visible from tha air. We are (rightly) astonished at such structures in the US, such as the Great Serpent Mound in Ohio and Fort Ancient, yet this area of Syria, and just to the west in Golan Heights, is Fort Ancient times a thousand. Yet...I can find absolutely nothing on the Internet concerning these structures. Nothing.

Note the serpent mound in the lower left of the photo. It appears to have encircled something, an egg perhaps?

If you have Google Earth capability just poke around the link Tim provided and see what I mean.


Dave C.