Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Broken streak continues unbroken

I spent some hours right after work yesterday finishing searching a place I had been exploring over the weekend. Mostly I was walking in my own footprints but there were some areas I had missed and I like to be thorough, if I do not look in a very systematic way I know I will miss areas where there might be stuff to be found. I found two broken quartz projectile point fragments and also this broken Neville that made me happy. It has the slightly bifurcated stem that is typical for Neville, I do not have any others like this. It's very old. The material is argillite. I have now found 17 broken arrowheads in a row. That's a little frustrating... I spent an hour and a half this morning before work searching in a different place. I didn't find anything at all. Better to find broken stuff than to leave empty-handed.

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pwax said...

Still...a Neville is somewhat rare.