Friday, June 01, 2012

Kendall Hill Rd - Ashby MA

I went thrashing around in the bushes east of Kendall Hill Rd - an old forest road in Ashby that is being used by the landowners. I must have been trespassing and I did see a rectangular mound with hollow around where the road crossed the brook. But the mountain laurel swimming was intense. "Class D"For those unfamiliar with the mountain laurel classification:
Class A - pretty to look at
Class B - interferes slightly with walking, need to step over or around
Class C - you have to squirm to get through it, quite tiring
Class D - impenetrable, each step requires planning, some crawling is required

It certainly is pretty stuff:Every once and a while, after pushing through the laurels, you come to a rock pile no one else is ever likely to see:This one was by itself - not very informative. It looks like a little niche for offerings.

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