Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A first glimpse

I was poking along about where I wanted to, based on the plan I made looking at the map, and saw this:
Is that a rock pile? Are there any others? Yup there's another one over there.This is the moment that I am addicted to. Why don't more people have this hobby?


theseventhgeneration said...

I wonder about that all the time. Since you posed the question, I was thinking about this a lot yesterday. My theory is that you can find a lot on the internet about already discovered rock pile sites, like Halcott Mountain. Most of the photos and references are from forums and websites on high peak hiking. So, the folks that understand that something different is going on with these rock pile sites, well, they already have a hobby hiking high peaks. Too bad, I say, because a LOT of people have that hobby and very few make a hobby out of discovering rock piles which, I think, is much more avant-garde than hiking every high peak in the state!

pwax said...

It rivals arrowhead hunting which is popular throughout America.