Thursday, June 28, 2012

A short walk in Groton MA

Groton remains in the category of "always disappoints" towns but I did see something interesting as I was walking in their conservation land. I saw a slight pit in the earth next to a stone wall.There was one rock in the pit that did not look like it fell off the wall. I did not think too much of this until I turned to walk away, took a couple steps and saw another pit with a rock (left foreground):I have read in detective stories that when you dig a hole and refill it, it compactifies over time, to leave a depression in the soil. These pits are very good candidates for actual burials.

I continued my walk and was reminded that Groton was a place of recent quarrying. This may explain why it is hard to find ceremonial structures there. Here is some debris:
And at the foot of the slope, a cleat of some sort:And then I got lucky and saw those orchises:So, OK I am not disappointed with Groton's flowers.


Norman said...

Sun and shadows are stinkers for photography, aren't they!

pwax said...

I take it you mean you cannot see the pits with rocks in the first two pictures? Clicking and looking at the larger image helps a little.

Norman said...

In general, sun can be a real problem for recording stonework, as shadows often cause interference, particularly in a forest setting. Better is an overcast day.