Sunday, December 16, 2012

Blood Hill (2) - the main mound

Referring to part 1 [here], I went down hill from the wall corner and found a big mound filling the  head of the valley with water, now flowing as a brook, coming out from the bottom of the mound. You can hear the suppressed excitement in my voice [my size estimate is probably wrong, more like 20-30 yards].
Let me sketch this mound, like a capital "J" on its side:
Here are some panoramas. Looking at them when I got home, I noticed the buried structure within the arms of the J. It makes it seem that the whole structure was about water flow. I imagine what this would be like in the rain with water rushing out of the bottom of the mound.
Here the camera is focused on the "buried" structures a few feet below the main mound:
Here is a detail of the shorter arm, with a culvert [??] below a piece of quartz. The brook seems to come out of this culvert today but it looks as if the mound collapsed and blocked the main channel of the brook:
A closeup of the quartz:
The other arms of the J also had quartz at the end:
Looking at the buried structure and the placement at the top of a brook, I feel this is about water, about water flow, about water management. [Later, this article about the Inca resonated a bit.] After spending time photo'ing the main mound, I went downhill. I'll write later about the next small cluster of rock piles and a few more features at the foot of the valley.
(Compare with Raymond Memorial Park.)

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theseventhgeneration said...

The "wall where there was something ceremonial at the corner", big mound, and water all remind me of the Pepacton Ledges site here in NY.