Tuesday, December 04, 2012


[also not rock pile related]. I have been waiting for years to see pictures of stone tools from Calico. Damn, there is no question they are human manufactured.
Now that I took a closer look: wow! If it was Africa, we would not be talking about homo sapiens.


pwax said...

Some standard Acheulian hand-axes. How could that be? (C:#

pwax said...

If you are watching the US archeology scene you have to chuckle. They are wrong about the recent past (eg rock piles) and they are wrong about the distant past (eg early man in America). You would think it would be about rounding out the story of US archeology, as new evidence comes in. Instead it's a slug fest.

I am browsing comments by skeptical readers of Topper/Calico/etc web pages. They keep saying - "Where is the evidence?". But it is in their faces - with early morphology of crania, early forms of stone tools, early c14 and geochronological dates - the whole shebang.

Chris Pittman said...

I agree, no way these are geofacts. Amazing tools.

Norman said...

I agree. That point to the right on the main page is definately flaked. The age reminds me of the Hueyatlaco site in Mexico, which is also about 200,000 B.P. Obviously the extreme age of these sites is something mainstream archaeologists cannot swallow, because it goes against currently accepted thinking.