Sunday, December 30, 2012

Last find in 2012

Yesterday I headed out early in the morning hoping to find one last arrowhead for 2012. I went to a place I have searched many times, a plowed farm field. My goal was to find a whole arrowhead. I was really cold and the wind was blowing through my thick coat, I decided to hit the very best areas and try to find one whole arrowhead and then go home. I was really excited to see this.
At the center of the picture you can see the base of a rhyolite arrowhead sticking out of the ground. Here is a closer look.
The part that is visible has no damage. I really like this material and would really like to have some nice arrowheads made of this stuff. I was almost afraid to pull this out of the ground, I so hoped that it would be undamaged and something great. But sadly it was not to be- the tip is gone.
I believe this shape is what is called a Fox Creek. It would have been an awesome find if not for the damage. I left this place as the snow started to fall, without finding anything else. I will be back when the snow melts. I hope everyone finds what they are looking for in 2013.


pwax said...

A fine way to end the year.

feritgrrl said...

Not bad! Look at it this way-if it hadn't been broken, it likely wouldn't have been there to find anyway as its (original) owner would not have wanted to waste a perfectly good point. I have found a new appreciation for the travails of the Native people of the NE with so few sources of good lithic material since moving to the NW where there are abundant supplies of obsidian, chert/chalcedony and the like that are more easily worked. (And an even greater appreciation after trying my own hand at flintknapping with "the easy stuff")

pwax said...

I used to shoot a bow and arrow and losing arrows was inevitable - they manage to disappear in plain sight.