Thursday, December 06, 2012

Panoramio Pic O'the Day

Mysterious Stone Structure - Probably 19th Century European

But then below the photo it reads: "grantjtucker, on August 18, 2009, said:
"This prehistoric flagstone structure is found beside a walking trail leading from Custers Head to Little Islands in the Town of Hants Harbour, of several similar stone structures, some circular and some elliptical, in a two square kilometer area; none of these have the depression at the center. As well, there are extensive stone walls, stone enclosures and stone barriers erected on slopes..."


pwax said...

" none of these have the depression at the center"???

Wonder what the larger context was for this sentence. It certainly seems that the "hollow" I have been pointing out is widespread, from Georgia to Newfoundland.

Anonymous said...

These are not precontact (prehistoric) - there is no evidence for precontact. The only artefactual evidence near these features is 19th century European. I am the archaeologist who tested them a few years back.