Saturday, April 13, 2013

Large Mounds at College Rock

With reference to previous posts (here, here, and here), I was hoping to understand all the incredible variety of structures at College Rock by seeing them in the context which, by now, is familiar to me: a context of structures in and around large mounds with hollows. Aside from one such mound built into the stone wall next to Beaver Brook, I did not see anything comparable until I got far enough south and west - where I saw this one:
And as I gazed into the woods...lo another mound was looming:
On closer look, the wall on the side of the hollow is unbelievably well preserved:
I was walking along here, when I noticed some even larger mounds in the background.
Or were they stone wall? Then followed a sequence of higher and higher tiers of stone mounds. In pictures: Mound#1 with mound#2 in the background:
Here is mound#2, which is built into a wall. I am not sure mound #3 is visible behind.
Here is mound#3:
Let's take a closer look:
It's a long thin eyebrow of a rock pile, with a notch in it. Some other views:
You can see the stone walls going crazy in the background.
(Where have I seen a long thin pile with a notch in it before? Well I think Pratt Hill had one. I saw one at Tenney Rd in Westford). 

Messy as it was, mound#1 is worth a closer look:
 It is a slightly different layout.
Stone walls with mounds in them (or predating them) seem to have been a habit around here. One more, on the way out:
Goodbye for now:

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