Friday, April 05, 2013

walking in Estabrook Woods with Jonathan Brown

Near what I call the "Yellow Birch Swamp" site in Estabrook, there is swamp (duh!), with one isolated pile I know about. It is rectangular and thoroughly smeared. The initial site is thirty yards away and visible from here.
An isolated rock pile is a disappointment because it has little context. So imagine my pleasure, while out walking with Jonathan Brown, to spot a second one a few paces away. I only noticed it because we headed off in a direction that had me step on it a moment after passing the first pile. Here is the second one, you can imagine why it would be hard to spot:
It had a sort of rhomboidal outline. So now there is a little context for the original pile.
Another thirty yards away:
We headed up Hubbards Hill to see a stone circle:
(it is at Jonathan's feet), which I think was probably a fire circle. 

Then we headed downhill to revisit the chamber on the ~northern side. I never noticed this little altar next to the structure before:

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