Friday, April 05, 2013

One winged crow effigy and large rock pile

Reader Jonathan Brown writes:
... I was out on another bike ride yesterday, pedaling along with thoughts of turtles and crows running around in my head.
Deep in the woods I saw a glint of sunlight reflecting off what seemed to be a pond to my left and down a slope through some trees.  It's not too surprising I didn't notice it before - I had only visited this particular area a few times in winter, when everything would have blended into the white carpet of snow.
I decided to make the short walk down to the shore and satisfy my curiosity.  Halfway to the water I could see I was approaching a larger rock with another placed on top.  When I got up closer I almost staggered backwards realizing this was a perfect crow effigy as you had described to me only two days before!  It was almost too perfect - as if someone was playing an April Fools joke.   There was the tan head and sharp beak balanced on the brow of the base pointing to the water, and on the right side a beautiful 16" flat, dark "wing" cantilevered out in space with the help of a smaller stone beneath.  The left wing was missing, but could easily have fallen off and be in amongst the leaf litter.
Several feet in front of the "crow" was a smaller rock (2 x 3 feet) with a small goose egg sized rock placed on center atop the bigger base.
I then realized these were pointing at a large dark mass of stone right near the water.  On approach a thought of another "chamber" formed, and the base of this pile does show some characteristics of the B.B. Hill site - flat sides near the ground, and some defined corners.  It doesn't look like a totally random field clearing pile.  The whole structure might be ten feet square or rectangular in general shape, 5 feet high, and has hundreds of smaller uniform 4-6" rocks on top or filling the center.  I did not detect an opening, but like the hillside chamber there is a wall running past, so that has to be factored into the equation.  I guess it could be random field outcasts thrown atop a more defined base?
...I hiked all the way back to my bike to retrieve my phone so I could get a couple rough images.

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