Saturday, April 06, 2013

Powisset mound without snow

I went back here to look for other sites. Found none and was brought by my feet back to the mounds of last weekend. Here was the nicest one:
I wanted to check for rectangularity and corners, and I wanted to confirm the presence of a collapsed center:
This was the "re-appetizer" of the other day. The outline was somewhere between oval and triangular.
I thought I saw one other bit of mound, in a swamp south of Strawberry Hill:
Pretty minimal. Otherwise the woods seem a bit empty down there in Dover.

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pwax said...

The reason I am harping on Dover being not such a great place to explore is because I am trying to convince myself that the long drive is not worth it. Frankly it is worth it when there are no other new places to explore within a similar distance.