Wednesday, June 05, 2013

A Lovely Brook in Harvard

Reader Sydney Blackwell writes:
Some pics from a lovely brook in Harvard. 
On the north side there is a rock pile—just a small one-- on a boulder. A large split rock makes an interesting access to the brook from the rock pile. Last picture, a view of the brook  through the split rock.
[From an earlier email:]
... my son Scott and I found a lovely, lovely little brook with a small waterfall... There is a largish rock pile on a boulder nearby and two turtle looking stones, one at the base of the fall. ...I have also found a very large, notched rock, covered with quartz on one side. I suspected and confirmed the notch sights the North Star...
 [Looks like a face]


Tim MacSweeney said...

That last photo greatly resembles this one at Laurel Hill Walks:

Tim MacSweeney said...

And that quartzy boulder: reminds me of a photo I saw of a solid quartz "frog boulder" from somewhere in Vermont, that the photographer alluded might be reminiscent of the Glooskabi and the Frog Story:

(Frog again, differnt story