Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Something going on here

Starting back down the hill at Hager Park, Westminster, saw this curved line of rocks. I did not even suspect I was about to step into a site.
Later I found several large, buried "mounds" that included low linear extensions and shapes impossible to make out in the ferns. Here is a video of one hard-to-see earthwork. It was a structure a bit like this:
The video:

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pwax said...

I am putting this in a comment though it should be its own post: never pass one structure assuming it is solitary. Instead hunt very carefully nearby. If I had followed this, one clue was already there when I passed the site on the way up the hill. But I ignored it.

But after I did find the site, I started getting very careful and pushing myself out into the flat areas to the east. Complaining about pushing through the laurels but saying to myself "oh the things I do for science". Then I stumbled on the best mound of the day. So get really careful when you see a first structure.