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     While some sort of post about stone walls/stone rows is percolating, I started a little search for "Abandoned Stone Walls," as Prof. Thorson likes to call them - and define them. I contend that there's artistic imagery in the Native American "stone concentrations," as Prof. Thorson likes to call and define them, a way to stack the stones that recall animals important to the inhabitants of Turtle Island, some human like figures in there too. If the stones are placed to resemble/recall a bear or a deer or something, it may possibly be intended to remind you of a bear or a deer or something. 
I have stared at some stones in some mounds I've slowly been clearing debris off of, for at least 6 or 7 years now, up by my old chicken coop. It took a long time to realize there were many "single stone turtles" in among the other stones, even longer before I realized that what I thought was debitage might actually be the representation of the shell fragments surrounding a baby turtle. 
(See: )
     Like they say, "How long will you walk this trail of wisdom? Well, you will go to many places. You must look at them closely. You must remember all of them. Your relatives (and your friends hopefully) will talk to you about them. You must remember everything they tell you. You must think about it, and keep on thinking about it, and keep on thinking about it. You must do this because no one will help you but yourself. If you do this, your mind will become smooth. It will become steady and resilient. You will stay away from trouble. You will walk a long way and live a long time.
     Wisdom sits in places. It’s like water that never dries up. You need to drink water to stay alive, don’t you? Well, you also need to drink from places. You must remember everything about them. You must learn their names. You must remember what happened at them long ago. You must think about it and keep on thinking about it. Then your mind will become smoother and smoother. Then you will see danger before it happens. You will walk a long way and live along time. You will be wise. People will respect you (Basso 1996:127).” 
     So in a Google Image search today with "Abandoned Stone Walls" in the box, I stumbled on this one pretty quickly. My first impression: "Single Stone Turtle!"
(All I can capture is this tiny thumbnail image below; check it out on flickr, along with some other photos of some more stones:)
It is a JMurphyDesigns Photo stolen from:
We were talking about this sort of thing a while back, both in NE and the SE:

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