Thursday, August 08, 2013

Inquiry about rock piles from Erie PA

Reader Lisa, asking if any knowledgeable person lives nearby who could take a look, writes:
"...  I live in Erie, Pennsylvania...and we were recently beginning the process of cutting some trails through the woods, which have been untouched pretty much forever, I believe. We found some rock piles, like the ones I see online that mention indians. There are about 4 on our property and I can see at least 2 or 3 in the neighboring woods. They look very very old. They are situated behind what we think was an apple orchard at one time but is now completely overgrown.
I wondered how to tell if it is an actual indian 'rock pile'. Also, what sort of pile it is. ...Are we in an area where it may be possible? I am curious about them.

Thanks for any help! 
[Sending photos]

"...I have attached photos of three of the piles that are plainly visible. Pile 2 has been disassembled somewhat :( before I realized there may be more to these things. There are at least two or three more piles back there and several places where VERY large boulders seem to be somewhat....placed?..."

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pwax said...

To me, #3 looks quite "Indian". It's rocks are mostly the same sized, the pile is compact, and there are other piles nearby. Also, #3 has no resemblance to a field-clearing pile.