Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Standing Stones from the Manchaug area of Sutton

Reader Keith Jacobson writes:
Attached are a couple [of standing stones] I've found in the Manchaug area. Close by are some really large cracked rocks with stone fill. The first stone is heavy at base and wiggles, certainly placed their. The thinner one had some stone propping it. Most of what I have found in this area is on ridge running parallel to lake which was a brook. Let me know what you think.


pwax said...

The last one seems to have lettering or something incised.

Norman said...

The first example reminds me a bit of the ones Ezra Stiles found, which were illustrated by engravings in one of the early Smithsonian publications. Certainly impressive examples of standing stones. I'd like to know how they relate to the split stone boulder or boulders mentioned.

Jake said...

Norman, next time I'm in there I'll take few pics of the other boulders mentioned and maybe note which direction the stone is

Menotomy Maps said...

I'd be interested in seeing another few photos of the stone in that last picture.
It appears to have a symbol on it which I've seen in my woods travels.