Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Strange old stone tools from MA and ME

Reader Keith Jacobson writes:
These two items found in large pile of small stone at base of a long field next to stone walls along Boston Rd in Sutton. Certainly tilled by farmers and discarded in piles. The first picture I thought was maybe some sort of rake or ax maybe. Second one does not photo well but weighs close to 10lbs and has grooved lines in shaft, maybe some sort of large abrading stone? Has almost perfect symmetry and really seems man used. Would probably need to see it to identify, if anything.

I found this swimming in Mooselookmuguntic lake in Rangeley Maine, next to small brook which would eventually drain into the river before [being] dammed. The top seems worked on however the back is pretty crude. What do you think?

[PWAX says: I think these are all man-made, except maybe the first one above.]

2 comments : said...

pics 3&4 look to me like a broken part of a soapstone bowl, pre-pottery

ADR035 said...

The first one looks like a digging tool. I find piles of those near productive clam flats here in Maine. The middle looks like it may be part of a bowl. That last one kind of looks like a wannabe.