Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Photos from Goddess

Reader Steve writes:
attached you will find a great example of a stone pile showing the female form.  it is oriented in a n/s alignment on top of a ridge near the center of mt. desert island in maine.  we have observed it for the past 25 years along side of a path we have taken on daily walks through the woods not ten minutes from our door.  they are photos taken from several angles and show a foot long ruler as well as a compass.  we have left it undisturbed and it is on property subject to development in the future. 
Update: "a couple of things struck me that i had not mentioned before.  there is a stream downhill from the stone pile.  it is to the west and flows into a large bog.  also you can see in couple of the photos a round stone that could be the head that i believe over time has been pushed a couple of feet away by frost heave or perhaps the action of roots.  the lap of the figure, the largest stone, has a depression in it much like the corn grinding stones."

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pwax said...

It certainly is a rock pile and sure looks like a Venus.