Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Arrowhead from Egg Rock Concord

From reader Will Kemeza:
I live in Concord (Main Street in West Concord). I was out walking with my family on Sunday - and we ended up throwing rocks (my boys are 3 and 5) into the river just below Egg Rock, right at the confluence of the rivers.

In a moment of serendipity, I had just finished telling them about what little I know of the place's history as an important Indian site. I picked up a rock, was about to skip it toward Lowell Road, but I somehow looked down and realized that I had a small arrowhead. I was thrilled. I've been rambling around in the woods and fields here for years (I grew up in town), but had never found one before. It occurs to me that the place we were gathering rocks is usually underwater - obviously, the river's very low at the moment.
So: now I'm deeply curious... I've attached a picture. Any thoughts about the point which could illuminate things for a total novice?


Unknown said...

Looks to me like an Orient Fishtail point - from ca 3500 - 2500 years ago. Somewhat water-worn, but that's what one would expect from this location.

pwax said...

Thanks Curtis.

I am heading down to the water's edge this weekend!

Chris Pittman said...

Awesome find. Where there is one, there will be more. Good luck Peter!

Chris Pittman said...
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