Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Near-colonial structures, near Whitemore Hill in Ashby MA and New Ipswich NH

There is a conservation land stretching between Whitmore Hill Rd in NH to place in MA near a bend in the road. I explored a short loop in from the road in the vicinity of the lower red circle. and then took a look along the roads nearby, including on Whitmore Hill.
Here was a nice wall bulge that I took to be from farming:
All the brooks had dams and causeways across them but there were also rock piles in the area that seemed both newer than the dams in some cases, and older in others. For example, here we are at one of the highest headwaters of Trapfall Brook. An upper dam:
We look back at it from here. It is just visible behind the 2nd fallen tree across the brook:
The little ring of stone beside the wall is shallow and without charring:
Although presumably colonial, there is a small site in the woods only a few feet from the dam:
At another place there was a ring of stones next to the wall that presumably marked a boundary - note the tape on the tree above:

Here is a causeway across the same brook:
At this low point, I climbed up a bit and back towards the east. Saw a small pile next to the drop-off to the wetland, then continued to the edge of a higher wetland where I saw an impressive structure. I'll continue in a later post.

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