Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Enclosure - Ashburham near the Wapac trail not far from the NH border.

From Steve Gabis:
I finally got back up to that enclosure on the Wapac trail. (I've attached some pictures.) The enclosure is roughly rectangular 60 x 25 feet with a diagonal path through it. Inside are 4 or 5 stone piles. You can easily see it on the south side of the path. It's approximately 300 yards west of Nuttings Hill and about 1 mile from the Midstate/Wapac Trail parking lot on Rt 119. 

If you need any more information I'd be glad to show you where it is.


pwax said...

It is great find. These are not familiar to me.

pwax said...

Finding the place on a topo map, it looks like the rock piles maybe on the only flat piece of ground.

Anonymous said...

Very nice!
Is it unusual to have this many large piles close together? Is there any water nearby?