Monday, November 04, 2013

Exeter Cairns

From Norman Muller, re Larry Harrop:
Larry sent me the attached article....  While the article is well researched and well written, it comes to the inevitable conclusion that the stone mounds are colonial, since, of course, "the Indians didn't construct with stone."  Larry found the article on the Exeter Historical Association website/blog.

[Larry writes:]
I lead a field trip to this site a year or 2 ago. This is where there is a ring of stones with a manitou stone with donations. I guess people are finally starting to notice.

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pwax said...

I have to "hold my nose" when I read something like this. Such a valiant effort to understand things without relevant data to work from!
As Larry comments, the article ignores the existence of modern Indians - so all the discussion of dating is a non-starter.

But again (and over and over) for those who examine sufficient data, it is completely clear that "cairns" are an American phenomenon without parallels in Europe - and yet consistent across our landscape. A cultural manifestation that is NOT European.